Tennis Club Precolor Přerov from the past up to the present:

The tennis club Přerov has a long-term tradition. As early as in 1899, the first tennis society was established in Přerov. In the years 1924 - 1930, the team playing under the name SK Přerov was the strongest team in Moravia. Among the outstanding individual players of those times there was first of all Ferenc Maršálek, later Davis Cup representative of the Czechoslovak Republic, and the lady champion  of  the Czechoslovak Republic Deutschová.  The last 35 years belong, beyond dispute,  among  the most successful years  from  the sporting  point  of  view.  A large number  of  players  and couches took part in the club activities whose names ornated and still ornate Přerov tennis. In 1970 the tennis team, for the first time, wone its participation in the highest national competition  -  the 1st league.  The key players at that  time were the following players: Ing. Dušan Netopil, Jiří Bártek, Jaroslav Fabeš, Zdena Novotná, Alena Kopečková, Hana Kremlová, Míla Kultová, and Ivana Havlová. New young players were gradually enrolled in the team, namely Petr Huťka, Vlastimil Melka, Mirka Bendlová, Hana Kopečková, Dušan Kulhaj, Jaroslav Navrátil, Miroslav Lacek and Marcela Skuherská.

In 1979, after F. Šáša retired as the coach, the following period was undoubtedly marked by the coaching work of Petr Huťka.  In 1982,  the team  wins  the Championship  of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic for the first time thanks to players Jaroslav Navrátil, Libor Pimek, Ivo Hanuš, Hana Kopečková and Hana Fukárková, together  with the coach  Petr Huťka and team leader Ing. Jaroslav Pimek. In 1988 the team wins the National Championship for the sixth time. Tennis in Přerov becomes reputed by the “Four Musketeers with Rackets”
- Jarda Navrátil, Libor Pimek, Karel Nováček and Richard Vogel, together with Jana Novotná, Hana Fukárková, Jana Pospíšilová, Petra Langrová  and coaches Petr Huťka and Vlastimil Melka.

After  that  very  successful  period,  a new generation of tennis players comes, such as Ctislav Doseděl, Tomáš Zdražila, Tomáš Krupa, René Hanák,  Eva Martincová, Kateřina Kroupová, Adriana Gerši and others.  The top  of  this period is the first title of the Champion of the Czech Republic in the Mixed Teams of Adults in 1993.

The next to mention is the present period when the club became famous especially by the names of Sláva Doseděl - for a long time a constant member of the National Davis Cup Team who  achieved  many  successes  at  great world tournaments, Adriana Gerši, for many years a representative of the team in FED Cup, Pavel Šnobel - several times a Champion of the Czech Republic in singles and double, Zuzana Ondrášková - the winner of several WTA tournaments, Jaroslav Pospíšil and Lukáš Rosol.

The extra-league team consisting of Lukáš Rosol, Jaroslav Pospíšil, Pavel Šnobel, Adam Vejmelka, Grzegorz Panfill, Síkora, Jiří Školoudík, Zuzana Ondrášková, Renata Voráčová, Tereza Hladíková, Simona Dobrá won the second place in extra league competition in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Novotná a Savchenko

Novák a Štěpánek

ing. Petr Huťka

Jiří Školoudík




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