The Tennis Academy is organized for young talented tennis players who achieve here skills and abilities which should bring them to the career of a professional tennis players. The Tennis Academy (TA) is reposed upon rather a long-time stay of boy and girl players for a time period from 1 week up to 1 year. The whole time of training is divided into two seasons - summer and winter. Our tennis club and Ta can boast of a number of excellent players who underwent our training process and enriched the history of world tennis and played in ATP and WTA tournaments for a long time.

The first player of our brood chamber who made himself famous in world tennis was Jaroslav Navrátil (the best ATP rank 61 in singles), another one was Libor Pimek (ATP 21 in singles in 1985, excellent in doubles) Karel Nováček (ATP 8 in singles in 1991), Slávek Doseděl (ATP 26 in 1994), from among the present players Pavel Šnobel (ATP 193 in 2004), Jaroslav Pospíšil (ATP 230 in 2004),Lukáš Rosol (ATP 135 in 2009).

In ladies´ tennis, from among the players who under-went long-time preparation in our tennis centre it was Jana Novotná that had the best results as the Wimbledon Champion of 1998, a Wimbledon finalist of 1993 and 1997, winner of Masters 1997, winner of 12 Grand Slam Tournaments in doubles and 4 titles in mixed doubles, the 2nd  place at the Olympic Games in Seoul and in Atlanta in singles. In all, she gained 24 titles in singles and more than 75 titles in doubles. Other successful ladies were  Jana Pospíšilová (WTA 49 in 1989), Petra Langrová (WTA 53), Adriana Gerši (WTA 48 in 1997), Eva Martincová (WTA 94 in 1997), Kateřina Kroupová (WTA 58 in 1993), the present-day players Zuzana Ondrášková (WTA 74 2004), Renata Voráčová (WTA 110 in 2003), and Tereza Hladíková.



Pavel Šnobel (žebříček ATP 193 v roce 2004)

Adriana Gerši (žebříček ATP 48 v roce 1997)

Slávek Doseděl (žebříček ATP 26 v roce 1994)



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