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V termínu 16.-19.6.2020 proběhl celostátní turnaj starších žaček kategorie „A“v Karlových Varech. Marie Slaměníková se ve dvouhře probojovala až do finále, ve kterém podlehla Valentové 1-6 a 1-6. Ve čtyřhře Marie Slaměníková spolu s Natálii Syrovou vybojovali stříbro.


V termínu 13.-17.7.2020 proběhl celostátní turnaj starších žákyň kategorie „A“ v Táboře.


Marie Slaměníková vybojovala bronz ve dvouhře a zlato ve čtyřhře.





Accommodation available:

  • in the appartments near the courts
  • in the hotel Jana and hotelu FIT

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The sporting premises of the Tennis Club Přerov is one of the largest in the Czech Republic.

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Town Prerov

Město přerov na mapě ČR

Prerov lies on an important railroad Praha - Kosice .

It has got about 50,000 citizens . The historical centre of Prerov is the Horni namesti (Upper square) which is dominated by a Renaissance chateau with the Komensky Museum inside .

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The Tennis Academy is organized for young talented tennis players who achieve here skills and abilities which should bring them to the career of a professional tennis players. The Tennis Academy (TA) is reposed upon rather a long-time stay of boy and girl players for a time period from 1 week up to 1 year. The whole time of training is divided into two seasons - summer and winter.

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The crew:

Petr Huťka jun.:

born 1970
captain and coach extraliga team TK Precolor Přerov(last 3 years second place in the Czech team championship
from 1992 he works with top players ( Doseděl, Šnobel, Pospíšil, Rosol, Ondrášková Z., Hladíková)


Marek Neruda:

coach of extraliga team TK Precolor Přerov
for 14 years works with top players (Štěpánek, Doseděl, Ondrášková Z., Voráčová, Luzarová)
coach of the girls under 14 national team of European Championship
coach of the

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Tennis Club Precolor Přerov from the past up to the present:

The tennis club Přerov has a long-term tradition. As early as in 1899, the first tennis society was established in Přerov. In the years 1924 - 1930, the team playing under the name SK Přerov was the strongest team in Moravia.

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We offer a complete tennis training program and professional training program for all players (ATP, WTA, Juniors, Junior and Higher Trainees). All program and training plans are adapted to the needs of a particular player and they are drawn up after consulting our tennis coaches.
The players taking part in tennis preparation in our Academy work in small teams (2 to 4 players) under the direction of one experienced tennis coach and other specialists (physical trainers, masseur, etc…).

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